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An apology from the founder.

Posted on November 08 2016

Hi everyone,

Tyler Condie here. I just wanted to take a minute and talk about this newsletter. In the past we have sent out sporadic emails announcing product launches, sales and surveys. So far we have just been doing a lot of taking and only a little giving to you.

I want to apologize for this lopsided approach and I'm telling you now that I am committed to turning that around. We have a lot that we can give to you in the form of entertainment, education, travel pointers, shopping tips, business lessons, Maker tutorials and much more. It's time to stop holding back.

There is much that we have wanted to share with you but we haven't acted on it because we wanted to look more professional and compete with all the super brands out there. The truth is, we are a small company and that is one of our greatest advantages. We want to connect with you and we want to stay small in the sense that we want to stick to our roots and focus on helping people have amazing travel and work experiences with our products. 

The best way I know of to share more of our company with you is through video. I've started a Video-log or Vlog that will help us share more with you each week.

Episode one is a video that I have procrastinated for far too long! It's an explanation of the different grades of leather meant to help you make more informed shopping decisions for the holiday season. Please check it out and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see what else we come up with. 

Tyler Condie, President/Founder  Rugged Material



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