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Story Time.

Joe Marshall from Marshall Saddles- Cedar City, Utah

(Joe Marshall from Marshall Saddles, Cedar CIty, Utah)

When I was 12 years old I joined a leather working club at a local saddlemaker's shop through the 4H Program. The first project Joe tackled with his short attention-ed group of kids was a leather belt. I can remember standing in his shop watching him climb a ladder up to his loft full of leather. I learned that he used over 30 steps to make the belts that he sold. He showed us each step, making sure that we did things slowly and methodically. I showed him how long my current belt was that my dad had braided for me out of 550 paracord and told Joe I wanted it that long. He laughed and said I would out grow it in 6 months! So we cut my new belt a foot longer and I went on with the process. By the time I had finished tooling, dying, beveling and burnishing my belt I was so proud of it I could hardly contain myself.

Making this 16 year old belt sparked my love for quality leather goods

(Making this belt at age 12 was the start of my love for quality leather goods, I still wear it today.)

That excitement was well deserved because 16 years later that first belt is still in my weekly rotation! The fact that we got the sizing right was a miracle but it also amazes me still to see that this old belt has many years of service left. Not only did that experience spark my love for premium leather work but also gave me a foundation to build on when I set out to build products that would last a lifetime. 

Belt Talk.

The leather belt is a staple in a man's wardrobe. It has a very important but often overlooked job- Keep the pants up! All men need help with this task, the problem is that many belts that are given this job don't have the endurance to hold fast for longer than 6 months. It's frustrating to have to replace something that often for such a simple job. 

Typical Department Store belt after 6 months

(This is a typical Department Store belt after 6 months of use)

At Rugged Material we have been making thousands of belts a year. We know that any good belt should be effortless to use, thick enough to last years without getting flimsy or having the holes pull through and it should get better looking with age. We have been listening to our customers and we have created a belt that is all of these things and does even more. 

New execution of an old idea. 

The money belt or traveler's belt has been around for a long time. Put a pocket on the inside of the belt and stash your cash in there too keep people from finding it. The problems with most of these belts are the same problems that plague all mass produced belts. They are made to be as cheap as possible so quality and fit are compromised to make the brand a few extra dollars and the customer gets the short end of the stick. 

Rugged Material was started to fill the need in the market place for premium American Made leather goods that were thoughtfully designed. When we started we were just making our own products but when word got around about what we were doing we began producing products for other reputable brands. For the last 2 years we have made a belt with multiple interior pockets for another brand and it saw great success. It sold at $89 and received hundreds of five star reviews on and on the brand's website. Now that contract is over and we are excited to launch our own updated version.

When working with the previously mentioned brand we wanted to make a belt with a stash pocket so we brainstormed how to do it and came up with 4 main ideas. We built prototypes of each and tested them out. Then after 3 months of testing/hard use paired with my knowledge and lifelong experience with that first belt, we launched the first version in the fall of 2014. After building and selling thousands of belts we had a lot of data to go off of when designing this belt. We know you will enjoy and appreciate it as many others have with our previous versions. 

Meet the "Ultimate Leather EDC Belt".

We call this belt The "Ultimate EDC Belt" because it was designed to extend your Every Day Carry capacity with a hidden pocket. It's extremely durable, it's multi-functional and it's nice enough to wear every single day no matter what the occasion.

We use top quality Harness leather as the star component of this belt. Harness leather is a stiff vegetable tanned leather that is then treated with waxes and oils to be made weather resistant. Not only does pressing these ingredients into the leather make it more weather resistant it also makes the leather more dense so it is stronger for it's thickness than other vegetable tanned leathers. 

Here's the features and benefits of this awesome belt:

BUILT IN STASH POCKET- This belt features a 7 inch long pocket on the inside of the belt. In this hidden pocket you can carry cash to keep in reserve or you can comfortably carry other small tools like matches, a mini pry bar, a razor blade or other survival necessities.  


EXTREME DURABILITY- This belt is 1/4 inch thick which is nearly twice as thick as a department store's best belt. This means that it will last longer than any belt you've ever had!

SOLID METAL HARDWARE- We wanted to make the best belt we could so we spec'd this one with Solid Brass Buckle that is Nickle Plated for a classic look and long lasting finish. The buckle is held in place with Nickle Plated Steel Chicago screws. 

REMOVABLE BUCKLE- Although we think we found the perfect buckle, we want you to have the opportunity to use your old favorite as well. All you have to do to swap the buckle is unscrew the Chicago Screws, change the buckle and then apply some thread locker or super glue when reassembling. 

DESIGNED FOR COMFORT- Most belts have adjustment holes 1 inch apart or more. The use of extra thick premium leather allows us to place our belt holes only 3/4 of an inch apart. This means our belts have 9 holes for adjustment in the same distance that most belts have 5 or 7 holes in. Closer holes gives you the ability to fine tune your fit and feel better while wearing our belt!

THREE BELTS IN ONE- This belt is 1.5" wide which works great for casual or dressed up occasions. But unlike other belts this one was designed to keep you prepared no matter where you go. Not only is this belt a beautiful and abnormally tough belt but it is also a Traveler's Belt and a Gun Belt all built into one comfortable and affordable design. It has a stash pocket for cash on the inside of the belt near the buckle. Since we started with premium leather then added the lining to make the pocket we have created a belt that works amazingly well for carrying a holster. 

MADE IN USA, GUARANTEED FOR LIFE, SOLD DIRECT- Like all Rugged Material products, this belt is made in Cedar City, Utah. We are confident that this belt will last you a lifetime and is covered under the Rugged Material Guarantee. This belt is comparable in quality, fit and finish to belts that cost $150-$200 but thanks to our factory direct model you get it for just $75. 


  • Premium Harness Leather Belt
  • Removable buckle
  • Closer adjustment holes to fine tune your fit
  • Stash pocket to carry money that thieves wont find
  • Perfect thickness for use as a concealed carry belt
  • 6 sizes- Measure current belt and compare to size chart before ordering
  • Made in USA
  • Guaranteed For Life



This belt is the culmination of years of experience and knowledge gained from the production of thousands of belts. We truly believe it is the ultimate belt for every day use. We know you will enjoy it if your willing to try it so please take a look at the product page. 


Tyler Condie, President Rugged Material.

Click here to see the "Ultimate Leather EDC Belt" page-



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