Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet
Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet
Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet
Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet
Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet
Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet
Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet
Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet
Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet
Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet
Product image 1Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet
Product image 2Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet
Product image 3Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet
Product image 4Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet
Product image 5Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet
Product image 6Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet
Product image 7Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet
Product image 8Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet
Product image 9Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet
Product image 10Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet

Premium Leather Front Pocket Wallet

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When it comes to wallets, we believe that in many ways, less is more. We start with the best leather available and treat it as the star. We've used minimal layers to keep things slim without sacrificing the durability of the structure. 

We have refined this design over the last 2 years and are confident enough in it's functionality and endurance, that we have included it in our Lifetime Guarantee. Which is something 99% of wallet makers wouldn't dream of.

The Front Pocket Wallet has been Tyler's pet project since he founded Rugged Material. Tired of an achy back but not wanting to go credit card only he set out to find the perfect balance between minimalism and practicality. This is literally the 22nd iteration and we've definitely nailed it! 

Its made with the same leathers and design influence as the Bifold but the Front Pocket Wallet is 40% thinner. It can easily hold 10 cards plus a wad of cash and still not leave a terrible bulge in the front of your jeans or in your jacket. 



The Horween Leather Company has set the standard for the highest quality leathers in the world since 1905. They offer a wide range of tannages from the infamous Genuine Shell Cordovan and the luxurious Chromexcel (the leather we've chosen to use) to Sport Leathers used by Wilson for the NFL and Footwear Leathers used by Wolverine, Allen Edmunds and New Balance. As always, all of their leather is processed on the corner of Elston and Ashland in Chicago, Illinois.

Why Chromexcel

Chromexcel aka "CXL" is a combination tannage giving us the best of the Chrome tanned leather properties along with the best of the vegetable tanned properties. This means its tough like saddle leather but at the same time its supple and luxurious.

"Pull up" is a term used to describe the event of leather lightening in color as it is bent or folded. It happens because of the waxes in the leather and is a sign of proper treatment for longevity. CXL will patina beautifully because of it. The waxes and oils in the leather allow it to be shined with a horsehair brush or you can leave it alone and enjoy the natural semi matte sheen.

This leather is made right. The formula for CXL is about 100 years old. It takes just under a month to tan one of these hides because it undergoes almost 90 different processes. That is true attention to detail!

Horween is an enviornmentally friendly tannery (hard to find these days) in that they treat all the water that leaves the facility after they use it.


  • Dimensions 4.5" x 3.25" x .1875" (L x W x H)
  • Weight 1oz
  • Horween Chromexcel Leathers from Chicago will age beautifully over time
  • Available in Dark Brown or Natural Brown
  • Silver leaf mountain logo on front
  • Fits up to 10 cards
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in USA


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your Return Policy?

We will issue refund on product that is returned to us in new-unused condition. Shipping costs will not be refunded and may be deducted from refund amount (including U.S. and international orders).

Do you take exchanges?

Sure do! If you have a new unused item and want a different color or product just email us at to get things started.

Where do you ship to?

Free shipping anywhere in the USA. We offer $20 flat rate shipping to Canada. Additionally we ship to Europe, Asia, Australia and other easily accessed countries. We currently Do Not ship to Africa, South America or Central America.

What do I need to know if I am buying from outside USA?

 If you are importing products into another country you will be responsible for any Customs Fees, Import taxes or duties that your country charges for foreign import.

The shipping prices we charge are for transport only and do not account for your customs dues for your particular country.

“UK customers- The USPS tracking that we employ ends at the Royal Mail or Parcel Force facilities. You will be required to contact your local post when your tracking says “delivered”. They will tell you where to go to pay your fees and get your package released. ” 

 Do you use Genuine Leather in your Products?

No way!

We do a lot better than that. We use only Full Grain and Top Grain leathers. Genuine Leather is a byproduct of the premium leather production process. When a hide comes off of an animal it is too thick to work so it is thinned down. The good part of the hide comes to us and the throwaway part is sent to China to be covered in plastic and stamped to look like leather again.

Technically, Genuine leather is real leather but it is not good leather. The Full Grain and Top Grain leathers we use are the outermost part of the hide which is by far the strongest. Genuine leather is the inner part of the hide, closest to the muscle of the animal and it is not even half as strong as the outer part.

 How do I care for my leather goods?

Click here to visit our leather care page, complete with video!

Where are Rugged Material products made?

We design, build, test and store our products in Cedar City, Utah, USA. To learn more about this please click here.

 Do you take custom orders?

No, we are very focused on creating the best possible products and delivering them at the best possible price. Custom projects require a much greater amount of design time, experimentation and materials than is fair to charge for 1 or even 100 units.  

Do you repair leather goods?

We do not.

Leather Care

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Leather Goods will last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your gear looking sharp and staying strong.

Leather is a natural material. Just like your skin, leather requires oils and moisture to keep it in top shape. If cared for properly leather can last a lifetime. 

1. Clean the leather with a damp rag, then let dry.
2. Apply an all natural leather cream with a soft cotton rag.
3. Remove excess cream with a clean rag then buff the leather.
4. Enjoy your bag for another year.
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