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Bridle Leather Dog Collar



VERY IMPORTANT- Please measure your dog's neck with a soft tape measure before ordering. This will ensure that the collar fits properly the first time. 
If you don't have a soft tape measure you can wrap a string or belt around your dog's neck to mark the length, then you can measure with a normal tape measure, yardstick or ruler. 
BUILT TO BE COMFORTABLE- This dog collar is designed to fit better than most standard collars since most collars have holes spaced apart 1 inch or more. We wanted the collar to be very strong but also more comfortable so we have used a thicker than normal leather which allowed us to put the holes only 3/4 of an inch apart. This means we have 7 holes in the same distance that our competitors have 5 while still keeping the necessary strength. More holes means you get a better fitting collar which in turn is more comfortable for your beloved canine. 


PROBLEM SOLVING DESIGN- Along with designing this collar to fit better than most we have also built a few other features into it to give you the best value possible. 
The buckle problem. Some collars have a ring in the back of the collar opposite of the buckle, that the leash attaches too. While that is nice looking it is actually the most painful way to arrange the buckle and leash ring because when you pull on the ring opposite of the buckle it pulls the buckle straight into the dogs throat! 
Our Solution. Our Bridle Leather Collar has the Leash Attachment Ring only a few inches away from the buckle so that when the dog pulls on the leash the buckle slides to the side of the neck. This makes it so that the buckle of our collar does not put additional painful pressure right on the throat.
The extra strap problem. Most leather collars have only one keeper to hold the extra strap tail from flapping around and hanging down. This is unsightly and some dogs are even able to get a hold on the extra strap and chew the leather or even escape. 
Our Solution. Because our Leash Attachment Ring is only a few inches from the buckle it acts as a second strap keeper and ensures that the tail will not hang down and cause problems. 
The Lost Dog Tag problem. Most collars require you to hang the dog tags from the same ring as the Leash Attachment Ring. This can be problematic because your leash can get caught on the dog tags and all it takes is one squirrel for the dog to lurch forward, snap the leash tight and send the dog tags flying without you even noticing. 
Our Solution. We place a small steel ring on the underside of the keeper to hold dog tags completely separate from the Leash Attachment Ring. This makes sure that the dog tags stay in place and are actually there in case your dog gets lost. 
PREMIUM MATERIALS- Bridle leather is high quality real leather that is vegetable tanned with natural tannins and oils that are meant to seal it and make a more durable leather. This means that you get a beautiful collar that is safe for your dog and will last like all premium leather products are known for. It would be a shame to have great leather without good hardware so we have chosen to use solid steel buckles and dee rings that are nickle plated to prevent rusting. These top shelf materials paired with great design benefits are what sets this collar apart from all the generic and mediocre products on the market. 
MADE IN USA- At Rugged Material we have made over 50 different styles of dog collars. We love our canine friends and we have learned what works and what doesn't. You can take it from Crash the Rugged Material Shop Dog that we have a winning collar here. We are proudly making these collars in Cedar City, Utah USA. From our family of dog lovers to yours, We hope you enjoy this collar!


SIZES RANGE TO FIT MOST DOGS- This collar comes in 4 sizes. To get the best fit please measure your dog's neck and compare to our sizing chart-
  • SIZE XL FITS DOG NECK SIZE 21.5 - 25 INCHES- Collar width is 1.5 inches, Total length is 31.625 inches. 
  • SIZE L FITS DOG NECK SIZE 17.5 - 21 INCHES- Collar width is 1.5 inches, Total length is 27.625 inches. 
  • SIZE M FITS DOG NECK SIZE 13.5 - 17 INCHES- Collar width is 1 inch, Total length is 23.625 inches. 
  • SIZE S FITS DOG NECK SIZE 10.5 - 13 INCHES- Collar width is .75 inches, Total length is 19.625 inches. 
  • Premium Full Grain Bridle Leather
  • Made in USA


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