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Skidmore's All Natural Waterproofing Wax for Leather 6oz

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Leather is a natural material. Just like your skin, leather requires oils and moisture to keep it in top shape. If cared for properly leather can last a lifetime- check out the 100 year old saddle that inspired us to make Rugged Material Leather Goods!


1. Clean the leather with a damp rag, then let dry.

2. Warm up bag with hair dryer or on Dashboard of your car.

2. Apply an all natural leather waterproofing wax with a soft cotton rag.

3. Remove excess wax with a clean rag then buff the leather.

4. Enjoy your weatherproofed bag for another year.


Skidmore’s Leather Waterproofing Wax is specifically formulated for leather goods that are used in wet weather. Regular use will waterproof the leather. Use on saddles, tack, chaps, shoes & boots, purses, motorcycle leathers, saddlebags, car upholstery, and leather furniture. Our Leather Waterproofer protects all leather from the harsh effects of the environment…sun, wind, dryness, and moisture. Leather is a tough material, but it needs to be cared for…protect your investment with Skidmore’s Leather Waterproofing.


  • Cleans and allows leather fibers to breathe
  • Tanning oils & natural oils are replenished
  • Makes Leather soft and supple yet resistant to moisture
  • Made with plants, trees & beeswax
  • Made in USA


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