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As told by Tyler-
“I was born and raised in Cedar City, Utah. The area is surrounded by National and State Parks that have kept me fascinated with the outdoors. I grew up riding horses in the mountains with my dad, which is still a favorite past time for us. Part of the territory of riding horses is fixing your tack (tack is the leather gear you use with horses) and working with leather. We ride in all weather conditions and in some extremely rugged terrain, which demands a lot of our gear. When I was younger I used to ask my dad when he was going to get a new saddle because I always saw so many shiny new ones when we went riding with our friends. His saddle was old and dark colored and just didn't seem that great to me, but he would tell me that he didn't need a new saddle, that his was made better and it worked just as good as the others. After a while I could see the difference in quality and learned that newer isn't always better."
"When my dad and I weren't out in the wild we were at home making things. My dad is known well for his leather and woodworking skills and he can usually build whatever he needs. It has always been our model to make what we need or want if at all possible."
"When I went to college I wanted to be an industrial designer but the closest program that was available to me was mechanical design and engineering. I enjoyed my classes but wasn't content to sit at the computer all day and call it making. So I kept up with my leather working and started buying books and experimenting with many new processes my dad hadn't used. Pretty soon all my friends and family had taken an interest in the wallets I was making and I started making money with it."
"One day while sitting in the library I realized that I could help a great deal of people if I could create products that would last like that saddle. Within a month of my epiphany I had begun applying the construction techniques that were used on that old saddle to make modern travel goods. I started with iPhone cases and wallets and within 6 months I had prototyped two active Backpacks and a Messenger bag. All while focusing on the creation of heirloom quality that would save people from the hassle and expense of planned obsolescence!.”
- Tyler Condie, Founder and President

 Kickstarted in 2014

In 2014 we launched one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns our industry had seen and funded $84,000 in 30 days. With that validation and a lot of buzz we began building a new facility that is ever evolving. We shipped our products to 24 different countries and a community was born around the idea that Quality American products can still thrive. 

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