Ranger Wallet Elastic Band Replacement (4 Options)
Ranger Wallet Elastic Band Replacement (4 Options)
Ranger Wallet Elastic Band Replacement (4 Options)
Ranger Wallet Elastic Band Replacement (4 Options)
Ranger Wallet Elastic Band Replacement (4 Options)
Product image 1Ranger Wallet Elastic Band Replacement (4 Options)
Product image 2Ranger Wallet Elastic Band Replacement (4 Options)
Product image 3Ranger Wallet Elastic Band Replacement (4 Options)
Product image 4Ranger Wallet Elastic Band Replacement (4 Options)
Product image 5Ranger Wallet Elastic Band Replacement (4 Options)

Ranger Wallet Elastic Band Replacement (4 Options)

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This listing is for Replacement/Accessory Elastic Bands Only, Ranger Wallet, Pens and Lights must be purchased separately!

The Ranger Minimalist Wallet is already a multi-functioning piece of EDC gear with 12 tools built in but we have found it to be even more handy when it can help to keep your pocket organized by holding your pen or flashlight in place. 

Pen Loop Band- This band was designed to hold the Fisher Bullet Space Pen as shown in the photo but it works great with other pens of a similar size.

Flashlight Loop Band- If you don't need a pen all the time a good light is always a huge help and a big step up from your smartphone's flash. This band is designed for small flashlights the use AAA batteries or are around .5" in diameter. This band will also work with tactical pens that are similar thickness. 

Replacement Band- We used to abstain from the use of any kind of elastic but this tough 1.5" wide elastic is a great fit for the Ranger Wallet. The wallet comes with one band already and will last a long time but in the event that you wear it out you can get a replacement here. 

Double Loop Band- This band combines both of the previous bands to allow you to carry both a pen and a small light with your Ranger Wallet. This is a huge help in keeping you organized and prepared.


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